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   Lorraina Pinnell PhD

Welcome to Aspire. This forum showcases a selection of student essays produced during ENGL210, our English Literature, Culture and Humanities spring semester 2017 course. Most of the students in this course are second-semester freshmen who are just about to complete their first full year at RITK. For many students, this course is their first exposure to an intellectually-driven literary analysis. Incorporating challenging ideas from Kant, Freud, Sophocles, Aristotle, and Lacan amongst others, the essays demonstrate the writers’ spirit of academic endeavor, their adventurism into the world of ideas, their experimentation, and most of all their potential. I find them truly admirable.

Vesa and Bleton - Crystallization

Hekuran - Antigone : The Feminist Heroine

Anila - The Mysterious and Powerful Unknowns within Us 

Adriana and Edita - Antigone’s Acts through the Prism of the Freudian Death Drive

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