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RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) students visit the Hydrometeorology Institute of Kosovo

February 24, 2017

hydrometeorology 2On Thursday, February 23rd, RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) students visited the Hydrometeorology Institute of Kosovo. This field trip was organized by Professor Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa, as part of her Contemporary Chemistry course.

The Hydrometeorology Institute of Kosovo is a public institution that operates under the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA). It maintains a basic network of hydrological and meteorological stations, measurements, and observations of the hydrological, meteorological, biological, and radioactive elements. It also publishes hydrological and meteorological analyses and short-term specifications about weather, water, ice on rivers, as well as weather impact on agricultural land.

The director of the Hydrometeorology Institute of Kosovo, Ms. Letafete Latifi, held a presentation for students about the work and activities implemented at the institution. After her speech, heads of each sector walked students through the process of work in their labs and introduced them to the different equipment they use in their daily operations.

hydrometeorology 1During this field trip, RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) students had the chance to:

  • Visit each of the many labs of the Institute which analyze a range of materials, including soil, water, and air
  • Receive explanations and demonstrations about the different processes in each lab from the Institute’s highly qualified and committed employees
  • See how air quality is controlled and monitored

The staff of the Hydrometeorology Institute of Kosovo were more than happy to answer all questions students posed. Ms. Latifi also informed students about potential internship opportunities and offered them a chance to join the team on different field and research activities.

RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) places high importance on offering its students opportunities to learn about the practical application of concepts discussed in each class. We would like to thank the staff of the Hydrometeorology Institute of Kosovo for their hospitality and willingness to answer student questions. Students showed sincere appreciation on the opportunity to expand their knowledge and see how theory works in practice.


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