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Support of Teaching Excellence Certification Component at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

On  January 25th and 26th, the Associate Provost for Transformative Learning and Teaching, Founding Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching of the American University in Cairo, Dr.Aziza Ellozy visited our campus and conducted training workshops for our faculty as part of the project "Support of Teaching Excellence Certification Component at RIT Kosovo ( A.U.K) through collaboration of Faculty Development Centers" initiated by our Head of Faculty Development Center, Mimoza Polloshka, with supporting faculty and with the financial support through AMICAL Small Grants.

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The purpose of this initiative is to motivate faculty to attend seminars and workshops helping them rethink their course design, teaching methods, gain a deeper understanding of how learning takes place and design course activities around higher-order learning objectives. The certification program will count as evidence for professional development when faculty applies for promotion or teaching excellence awards.

During the two intensive days, the following training workshops were conducted by Dr.Aziza Ellozy:

  1. Designing student-centered learning outcomes
  2. The art of discussion leading
  3. The enhanced lecture
  4. Concept mapping across the disciplines
  5. CATs to improve student learning
  6. Structured Academic controversy - Debating for consensus

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The faculty found all the shared teaching and learning approaches very informative, helpful and extremely useful for applying them in their classes. A follow up to these activities is planned by organizing a survey with faculty for their needs and also organizing forums where faculty will discuss the benefits and possible constraints in applying the above teaching and learning approaches in their respective classes.

RITK (A.U.K) Faculty Development Center appreciates and is very grateful to Dr.Aziza Ellozy for her voluntarism and professionalism to help us with the program and to AMICAL for supporting our initiative. We will continually work towards finding further collaboration within Faculty Development Centers within AMICAL Institutions and abroad.

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