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Financial Office

The RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) Financial Office is responsible for all the financial matters of RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) such as those responsibilities that directly affect students including tuition billing and cash collection. In addition to collecting and posting payments on student’s accounts, the Financial Office oversees installment payment plans, financial aid refunds, the collection of past due tuition, and processing refunds from overpayments. Scholarships, Financial Aid and Work Study payments are all administered by the Financial Aid office.
Financial Office
Please note that an application for Financial Aid does not guarantee eligibility for a financial aid award nor exempt you from making tuition payments by the due dates. If you have not received a Financial Aid Award notification by the due date, you must make other payment arrangements. If you subsequently receive Financial Aid, the proper adjustments will be made.

If you receive any type of award, whether it is a Scholarships or Financial Aid, your total award will be divided and applied in three parts based on the RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) quarter system.

Note: Withdrawal for Scholarships and Financial Aid.

For further information regarding this policy click here download.

Please note that all awards are available to FULL TIME students only.

Students may also be able to obtain tuition funds by applying for a Student Loan from one of the two banks in Kosovo. Students interested in obtaining bank loans can contact one of the following:


Procredit Bank - Prishtina:

Loan Department – Qafa

Phone: +381 (38) 245 146 ext 195;


TEB Bank Prishtina:

TEB all branches

Phone: +381 (38) 230 000


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Financial Office 
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