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Pre - College Preparatory Program

The aim of the Pre-College Preparatory Program is to prepare students to overcome their English language challenges and equip them with study skills to assure their success during their studies at RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K). The task of each instructor in the new Pre-College Preparatory Program is to teach English through a communicative and a task-based approach to assure maximum student input in the development and delivery of each lesson plan. Moreover, the program aims to prepare students to learn how to study, how to read, how to listen, how to inform their arguments, and how to write essays. Essay writing, as an integral part of the class, is approached through analyzing different types of essays such as comparison, argument, cause and effect, while paying special attention to key aspects of organization, style, and use of language.

Moreover, the Pre-College Preparatory Program attempts to advance students’ academic skills to the level needed to succeed in a U.S higher education system and enable them to thrive both at school and in any given context.

Finally, in this program, students will learn about academic accountability and academic honesty, qualities that are not specifically developed in secondary education in the region. In sum, the aim of this program is to acquaint students with RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) academic requirements and prepare them to succeed in a real U.S higher education institution by providing them the opportunity to advance their English language skills in general as well as teach them practical academic skills that they will utilize along the way to better cope with the challenging university requirements. The program should serve as college enrichment apart from an English language learning opportunity.


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