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Employment Opportunities


  • Request for Proposal:
    Proposal to Conduct Student Follow-Up Questionnaires of USAID Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) Immersion and Public Service Courses (download here download)


  • Director of Development and Alumni Relations (download heredownload)
    Half-time Position, RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

  • Management Instructor (download heredownload)
    RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

  • Web and Mobile Computing (Information Technology) Instructor (download here download)
    RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

  • Training Coordinator (download here download)
    A.U.K Training and Development Institute

  • Deputy Chief of Party/Training Coordinator-USAID TLP Immersion Program and Public Service Courses (download here download)
    USAID TLP Immersion Program and Public Service Courses

  • Instructional Faculty for English Composition (download here download)
    RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

  • Business English Course Instructor (download here download)
    Part-Time: A.U.K Training and Development Institute 

  • Leadership & Management Courses Instructor (download here download)
    A.U.K Training and Development Institute

  • Microsoft Programming Courses Instructor (download heredownload)
    Part-time:  A.U.K Training and Development Institute

  • Discovery Course Instructor (download heredownload)
    Part-time: USAID TLP Immersion Courses 

Download Job Application Form download

About Recruitment and Hiring

The success of A.U.K.F is dependent on attracting qualified candidates for its staff positions. The President, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the hire of A.U.K.F staff for the RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K). The President will ensure that selection procedures are strictly adhered to, and that all recruitment activities comply with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. The President has final authority on recruitment decisions.

Selection Process

  • Vacancy notices are advertised in at least two daily newspapers for a total of three days.
  • Applications are received, time-stamped, and filed according to a system determined by the HR Coordinator.
  • Screening and selection of qualified candidates will involve the participation of a committee of at least three A.U.K.F staff members, including the HR Coordinator.
  • (At least) four candidates are “short-listed” and invited to interview for the vacant position.
  • Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend an interview panel consisting of three A.U.K.F staff members, to be appointed by the HR Coordinator. This panel will be responsible for providing a written evaluation of each of the interviewed candidates to the President. If a preferred candidate cannot be easily identified, candidates will be invited to attend a second interview with the President. If no appropriate candidate can be identified, the job vacancy will be re-advertised, and recruitment procedures will be repeated as set out above.
  • Non-Discrimination: A.U.K.F adheres strictly to a policy of non-discrimination in all aspects of hiring, employment, and promotions.

Types of Employees

Full time Employees
Full time Employees are entitled to all benefits that A.U.K.F provides (see “Benefits” section, below) in compliance with Kosovo Labor Law. They are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, with a break for lunch. Full-time Employees are paid on a monthly basis with appropriate salary taxes withheld if applicable.

Temporary Employees
If a need is identified to cover a vacant position either owing to an unfilled vacancy or long-term absence of a full time Employee, a contract may be offered for a limited amount of time. Employees on a temporary contract will not be entitled to any additional benefits. Temporary Employees are paid on monthly basis with appropriate salary taxes withheld if applicable.

Consultants (Regulation 2001/27 Section 9.5(b)) are independent contractors hired for a limited duration to assist in the completion of a specific project. They are paid per day, per activity or per hour, dependent upon the agreement with them. Consultants are not entitled to any A.U.K.F benefits, and A.U.K.F is not responsible for paying their salary taxes. Consultants will receive the necessary documentation from RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) to assist in their own tax evaluation, including 1099 statements for American Citizens. A contract setting out the rate of pay, and the length and scope of consultancy will be signed prior to hiring.

Volunteers are not compensated for work, are not entitled to benefits, and are not considered Employees of A.U.K.F. However, at the sole discretion of the President A.U.K.F may reimburse Volunteers for expenses such as lodging and travel.



No available jobs open at this time.

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