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Multimedia and Web Design (24 credits)

Multimedia and Web Design concentration at RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) is structured with the future in mind. Students are prepared with the theoretical framework and hands-on technical skills needed to organize, design and communicate ideas and information in the 21st century global market and to meet the projected national market needs in the greater Kosovo region in the fields of IT and communication. It is also an excellent compendium to RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K)'s other concentration offerings and provides a useful skill set for private and family business operations.

The course sequencing prepares students with targeted aspects of web design and development, print design and multimedia production, communication techniques and digital asset management. A student successfully completing the Multimedia and Web Design concentration will have developed vital skills in the fields of IT, graphic design, media management, communications, as well as developed essential skills for the private business sector.

Required courses:
TCOM – 270    Effective Web Design 1* (TCOM – 380)
TCOM – 271    Effective Web Design 2* (TCOM – 271)

ISTE – 140    Web and Mobile I
ISTE – 141    Web and Mobile II* (ISTE – 140)
ISTE – 230    Introduction to Database and Data Modeling
ISTE – 260    Designing the User Experience* (ISTE – 140)
TCOM – 365    Video Productions
TCOM – 380    Design for Print and Web
TCOM – 383    Designing Vector Graphics* (TCOM – 380)
* These courses have prerequisites or co-requisites as noted in parentheses.

Last Updated: October 2016



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