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Public Forum Lectures

Debating and deliberation of issues that concern a society is an essential process in building a democratic society. We encourage and educate our students to become active members of the society and participate in public deliberation and debating of issues that concern the society.

The RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) offers a venue for an open debate forum to discuss various issues of concern in the Kosovar society.

RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) on regular basis invites Kosovar and International guests for a discussion with our students and other participants.

To nominate speakers for RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) Forum, please use the following form: Nominating Forum Speakers at RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) download

Please note that the nominating form should be sent at least 5 business days before the lecture is intended to be scheduled.



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