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Public Policy Concentration (24 credits)

This concentration provides students with a clear understanding of public policy, the policy process, and policy analysis. Students have the opportunity to develop perspectives on a variety of contemporary public policy issues, especially those that emerge from scientific and technological advancements. At the heart of the concentration is the Foundations of Public Policy (PUBL – 101) course, where students are introduced to the concept of public policy and the policy making process. The roles of stakeholders and interest groups are discussed in the context of contemporary cases in various policy arenas. Students are also introduced to some of the methodologies associated with policy analysis. Additional courses are offered from the areas of sociology; political science; and science, technology, and society.  The Public Policy Analysis course of study is offered especially for students who are considering the MS in public policy or who have an interest in analytical tools.

Required course:
PUBL – 101    Foundations of Public Policy

POLS – 220    Global Political Economy* (POLS-120)
POLS – 345    Politics and Public Policy* (POLS-120)
PUBL – 201    Ethics, Values and Public Policy
PUBL – 210    Introductions to Qualitative Policy Analysis
PUBL – 301    Public Policy Analysis* (PUBL-101)
SOCI – 340    Urban Planning and Policy* (SOCI-102)
STSO – 201    Science and Technology Policy
STSO – 421    Environmental Policies
* These courses have prerequisites or co-requisites as noted in parentheses.


Last Updated: October 2016


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