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zaimi ilmaIlma Zaimi
class of 2013

“After 4 tough but wonderful years, I am currently looking for a job. I have decided to take a year off so I can figure out what I like to continue studying before applying for master's degree outside Kosova and meanwhile I am hoping to have a good job and be successful.”



jacimovic vladanVladan Jacimovic
class of 2013

“Studying in Pristina in 2009 was not something that many people around me felt too happy about, knowing the safety and political situation in Kosovo. However, keeping my mind open, I applied for a USAID scholarship for a four year study program at RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K), and after successful application I started accommodating to a new student life. Four years have passed seamlessly and my diploma has arrived, but I still look back and think how important and life-changing experience it was. I was exposed to a different student body, different faculty, different educational system, and different EVERYTHING that I was used to before. And it was good. It was good because it helped me think out of the box, local or national box that people around me are mainly closed in. Studying there indeed was a challenge in several aspects, but the overall impression is certainly a positive one.

Right after my graduation, I started working in a local NGO in Gracanica, coordinating a project and gaining more work experience, as I plan pursuing further formal education. I am happy to be well prepared for further studies and starting a professional career, and grateful to USAID for the given opportunity.”

anesa colakovicAnesa Colakovic
class of 2012

“Where do I begin? Probably before the university years even started, when I applied to the United States Agency for International Development USAID Minority Scholarship Program in Kosovo implemented by World Learning and FORECAST. I still remember that day when I occasionally bought a newspaper and read the advertisement about this great opportunity. I never thought I could be one of the honorable students awarded with a full-scholarship. But YES, I had a blast getting my degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and I am eternally thankful to USAID, World Learning and Forecast for such an opportunity. I learned so much, saw lots of new things, traveled all around the world, made lifelong friends, and had a ton of fun. I am thankful for that as well.”

tefik agushiTefik Agushi
class of 2012

“USAID Scholarship Program helped me to pursue internationally recognized degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) at the RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K). It is a privilege and an honor to be an RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) Alumni, besides many academic and career opportunities that RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) offers it encourages its students to cultivate team spirit, integrity, and actively participate in community building and economic development of the country. I currently work as an HR Manager at a start up retail company. I am member of a committee at Kosovo Foundation for Open Society. And my future goal is to gain a master degree.”


adrijana petrovicAdrijana Petrovic
class of 2011
Fushe Kosova

“Since the very first day I started attending school until today, my parents always talked to me about how important education is.  After I successfully finished high school in Economics all I wanted is to study something which is not related just to Economics but is related to English language as well.

I was looking and waiting for the best opportunity for a whole year. Finally, I heard the ad about RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) and copied the phone number right away as I knew that is the opportunity I was waiting for all this time.  I contacted USAID and I didn't tell anything to my family until one morning I received a call from Mr. Fatmir.  At that moment I was the happiest person on the planet.  I would use this opportunity to also say THANK YOU to Mr. Fatmir because he really helped me to overcome every prejudice I was told from other people. The fact that I was the first Serbian student ever visited RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) made me happy as well. Since that day, I always had whole support from USAID. Studying at RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) was a great pleasure but a big challenge for me as well. I have had ups and downs but I always gave my best because I knew that I was given a life changing opportunity.

Finally, I don't think I could make it to the end without the support of USAID, my family and my colleagues. Now, after being graduated I started working as a teacher, and that's a dream come true for me. I always wanted to be a teacher. I can't describe how proud I feel of my degree and to the fact that with this degree and my job experience every door is open for me. I don't have to feel ashamed of my degree and say that it's useless, it's exactly the opposite.

I am very thankful for all the help and all the opportunities USAID created for me. I hope our generation made you proud as well because our success is your success as well. I wish that more students had the same opportunity as well, as I know that we really need more people like you.”

dijana simijonovicDijana Simijonovic
class of 2011

“Good quality education was always important to me. Living in post-war Kosovo and having a good quality education was a science-fiction movie at the time. I successfully finished my high school. Living in enclave doesn't offer you much. I went on entry exam for faculty of philosophy - English department. I cried while filling the answers. That was not something I wanted.

In year 2007, being part of Serbian community and deciding to apply for studying in Pristina was another science fiction movie. Thanks to a great support of my parents I decided to apply for USAID scholarship and through it make my dreams a reality. This time I didn't cry while taking TOEFL exam. Something just felt right. Some years after, while I write this success story, I lack words to describe my journey.  You have to live it, to feel every stage of change in society on your own skin, to meet challenges on everyday basis, to learn, to cry, to laugh. I have graduated, and now when I look back I see the road which is paved for others to walk free. I see change. A positive change. And now I realize that all those nights and days spent studying that seemed hard, actually are worth for something that is yet to come.

After 12 years of being a journalist, I am preparing to join the team of newly established TV channel in Serbian language - RTK 2, as one of the editors of the program. New pages of history are written these days, and I am not going to miss it. I will use this opportunity to thank amazing people at RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) for making RIT Kosovo™ (A.U.K) my second home, complete strangers for becoming my lifetime friends, and USAID for making all this possible.”



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