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Co-op Procedure

Step 1: Find a Co-op

You can do this through open applications, networking, and/or applying to positions advertised by the Co-op & Career Services.


Step 2: Register your Co-op

A co-op can be registered by filling out and submitting the Registration Form for approval to the Coordinator of Co-op & Career Services together with a Job Description prior to start. The job description can be written by you or your Co-op supervisor and needs to be typed up in a Word document. You can submit the form and the job description as a hardcopy or by e-mail. You cannot register nor drop your Co-op through SIS. The Co-op is administratively registered in SIS by the Co-op & Career Services office in the following quarter.


Step 3: Start your Co-op

You receive an e-mail that will notify you whether your Co-op has been approved or not. If your Co-op has been approved, an e-mail will also be sent out to your Co-op supervisor. As soon as you have received the approval e-mail you can officially start your Co-op. If your Co-op is not approved you may want to get in touch with the Co-op & Career Services to find out why and to receive assistance.


Step 4: Complete and evaluate your Co-op.

When you complete 400 working hours it is time for the Co-op evaluation. A performance/employer evaluation form will be filled out by your Supervisor and sent directly to the Co-op & Career Services in a sealed stamped envelope or by e-mail. You can obtain a copy of this evaluation from the Co-op & Career Services so that you know the feedback of your supervisor and can learn from this. There is also a Student Evaluation Form with some questions about your Co-op that you need to fill out and submit as a hardcopy or by e-mail to the Co-op & Career Services.


Step 5: Receive your Co-op grade: ‘S’ (satisfactory).

If you have successfully completed your registered Co-op and made sure both evaluation forms were submitted, you will see an ‘S’ grade in the SIS system at the end of the (administrative) quarter during which you have completed your Co-op. If as student who has received an incomplete grade fails to finish the Co-op within two consecutive quarters, the Co-op grade becomes F (Failed) and the student has to do another Co-op to fulfill the degree requirements.   


Note: Providing False Information and Misbehavior

Students providing any kind of false information while registering and/or completing their Co-op will be subject to disciplinary sanctions as according to the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Conduct Code. In addition, students are responsible to represent RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) in accordance to the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) policies, rules and regulations while doing their Co-ops. If the student completing the Co-op receives bad employer evaluation, such a Co-op may be considered as invalid and the student must do another Co-op to complete the requirements.

Contact us

Co-op and Career Services
RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)
Phone: + 383 38 66 00 00
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Rr.Dr.Shpëtim Robaj p.n.
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Co-op Success Stories

Egzona Jashanica
class of 2014,
INDEP (Institute for Development Policy)

INDEP is a think tank and an advocacy center that provides independent research-based policy solutions. I finished my Co-op in INDEP for 3 months and the experience and knowledge I gained by working with the amazing and qualified staff for this short time is priceless.

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