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Co-op Success Stories

Lorena Sekiraqa

Ardian Kacaniku,
class of 2020, 
USAID REPOWER Project - Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C.

“This was my final year as an RIT Kosovo student, so I have decided to apply for USAID Repower Program during the summer 2019. I showed interest on clean energy production that is the goal of USAID’s REPOWER Project, thus I was offered an internship in Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) for 4 months in the department of Finances, the office of Tariffs and Regulatory Affairs. From the first moment I stepped in KEK I felt a warm hospitality starting from the manager of the office to the planning officer. I was given certain responsibilities such as assist in cost analysis for each unit, comparing actual vs. forecast revenues, prepare the daily production report on an hour basis, analysis of electricity consumption rate of KEK, KEDS, KOSTT among other duties assigned. As my major is Management and Entrepreneurship the experience gained in KEK was crucial factor serving as a lead to my career path. Besides working in KEK, I had to report monthly to USAID’s representatives who checked my efficiency and evaluated me in the end. After 4 months of working on a warm environment I was offered another month from the staff and manager to stay and give my contribution in the corporation. In the end I was equipped with the experience and the knowledge that continues to help me today in my academic studies and motivates me to pursue my graduate degree".

Lorena Sekiraqa

Lorena Sekiraqa,
class of 2017, 
Kosovo Energy Corporation JSC (KEK)

"As an RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) student, during the last academic year (2015/2016), I have successfully completed USAID’s Repower - Kosovo Internship Program.  I have been assigned to the Kosovo Energy Corporation JSC (KEK) – Regulatory Affairs and Tariff Department.  This co-op program was my second one, after having completed the “Return and Reintegration in Kosovo” program (RRK)/ IOM Kosovo.During this experience I had the chance to practice my knowledge and skills gained in RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) and further develop my academic career, while being able to acknowledge the value of real-life work experience.  Furthermore, this program provided me with first-hand knowledge on technological and managerial phases of the main energy generator in Kosovo/KEK. In addition, I was given the chance to work with cooperative and professional staff and learn a lot from them. This program enabled me to have an insight on the bases on which KEK functions, as a public institution, and be part of USAID’s Repower in the meantime. After this comprehensive co-op I feel more professionally grown and more confident to contribute in other potential programs."


Vjolla Gashi,
class of 2018,
WUS Kosova

"WUS Kosova is a non-governmental organization which engages in reforms on the higher education system in Kosovo, primarily the public one. I am currently finishing an internship in this organization, and I have to say that it is one of the best experiences in my life so far.  This internship is helping me develop my professional and interpersonal skills, and put into practice many of the concepts that I have learned, and the skills I have gained in RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). Moreover, the staff of WUS Kosova is amazing; they are helpful, supportive, friendly and creative. They do not hesitate to help me learn new methodologies and procedures on a professional level, and they are rather understanding when it comes to providing me with flexible working-hours due to the responsibilities that I have at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). Furthermore, this internship has allowed me to have a better inside view regarding the challenges the public higher education system faces on a daily basis, and what is being done in order for it to be improved. I will always be thankful regarding the opportunity I was given to work on the projects they are associates in.  Additionally, I am certain that by the time I finish this internship, I will be more professionally prepared for the labor market in Kosovo."

Shala AlbertaAlberta Shala,
class of 2015,
Ipko Telecommunications LCC

“What makes Ipko company successful is not only that it is the first telecommunications company in Kosovo and that it offers the most qualitative services in that field but it is also the amazing high qualified staff members who really give a great contribution to the success of IPKO. I had the pleasure of witnessing this during my Co-op in Ipko, which I found through Co-op and Career Services office. During my Co-op there I have learned a lot about how the business world functions, how dynamic it is and how much effort you have to put in order to finish a task as required. IPKO gave me the opportunity to put in practice what I have learned at A.U.K and at the same time has offered me a fruitful experience to build my future career. During my experience there I have developed my interpersonal relationship skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills. It looked quite hard to take responsibilities on your own for finishing many tasks successfully within a certain time, but it is a pleasure now to see that you showed high job performance and are going towards becoming a workforce ready. When you are at the start of your career you need someone to support you to create the foundation for a successful one. And I certainly found that support in IPKO. I strongly recommend this Co-op to all the students who want a helpful and successful start in the work world.”

Ibrahimi AlbinaAlbina Ibrahimi,
class of 2014,

“Global Consulting & Development Associates LLC is a leading provider of high quality consulting services located in Kosovo. After seeing the open vacancy from our Co-op office, I sent my CV and followed the application procedures for a 400-hour Co-op. During this time, I sincerely enjoyed the presence of my co-workers who did not hesitate to help me learn the best. The supervisor as well as director of the company was also very helpful and supportive when it came to flexible working-hours due to obligations at A.U.K. thus helping me better combine the theory and practice. What I value learning at GC & DA LLC is the amazing power of words - how a simple sentence could be turned into a powerful statement persuading whoever the reader was. Moreover, the supervisors and other co-workers empowered me in preparing and delivering the assigned tasks. Although sometimes challenging, it taught me how to work under pressure and independently in a certain timeframe, while preparing me for professional growth.”

Dreshaj AltinAltin Dreshaj,
class of 2015,
Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo – PTK

“During this summer I had the opportunity to fully commit and finish my second Co-op in PTK. I had the chance to work in Vala department, which at the end proved to be an unforgettable experience for me. I was given various tasks throughout the weeks. I had to be part of Client services and human resources within the Vala department. I was part of department meetings and trainings that were organized within mobile phone operator Vala. I gained a lot from this Co-op; I raised my knowledge in management field, shaped my writing and critical thinking skills and further nurtured the work experience. The atmosphere within the company was very friendly and workaholic. I would highly recommend this Co-op to others since it is a great experience and it would help grow in a professional setting.”

Leci BlineraBlinera Leci,
class of 2015,

“I chose BOTEK LLC, a hardware wholesale company, to complete my first Co-op requirements.  My assigned position with the company was as an Assistant to Project Manager. I found the experience to be very helpful in further developing my professional as well as interpersonal skills. My supervisor was very insightful and very hands on while leading our team in project completions. The experience enabled me to gain knowledge on project management process and tools as well as develop a general idea of the business operations of the company and the industry in general.  I continuously was assigned additional responsibilities due to my work dedication and performance.  Upon completion of my Co-op, I was acknowledged for my contribution and was offered a permanent position. I look forward to a continuing relationship with BOTEK and the amazing team I met there.”

Buza FjollaFjolla Buza,
class of 2014,
Butterfly Consulting LLC

“Butterfly Consulting LLC is a company located in Kosovo, which offers business-consulting services and works in different projects of this field. I became part of the Butterfly Consulting team by applying for the job through the Co-op and Career Services office. The company had initiated a project lasting for 4 months and I was assigned the position of the Project Assistant. Having taken several classes in management helped me a lot to cope with the work assigned and enabled me to put in practice the knowledge gained in classes. Being that this was my first Co-op, there was a lot for me to learn and experience. I was hired to organize and assist in executing the project in process, setting up and attending meetings with sponsors and potential customers. Duties assigned in this company gave me the opportunity to improve and grow my management and organizational skills and develop new ones. I would recommend this Co-op opportunity to other A.U.K. students. Having a great manager to work with and a very open and helpful team made this Co-op not only a professional working experience but also a pleasurable one”.

gerxhaliu shkelqimShkelqim Gerxhaliu,
class of 2014,
Kosovo Chamber of Commerce

“Kosova Chamber of Commerce (KCC) is an institution where Kosovar businesses can find advice and support. It is a constructive partner of governmental institutions in Kosovo, which serves the country’s economy by promoting businesses and their activities, removing the barriers they face, and by establishing cooperation with international businesses. I had the opportunity to complete my second Co-op by working in KCC as a Website Administrator and Newsletter Editor. Working for KCC was a great experience for me. I used my IT skills to manage the official website of KCC and ITG (International Trade Guide). This Co-op helped me apply the knowledge I have gained in classrooms and helped me prepare for my future career. In addition to this, I had the opportunity to write many news articles about Kosovo’s economy, which helped me understand the way our economy works and the barriers it is facing. I was also involved in different events such as the 50th anniversary of this institution and business fairs that all gave me fruitful experiences. The staff of KCC was very friendly and collaborative. I would highly recommend this workplace to students who want to work and learn more about Kosovo’s economy.”

zajmi toskaToska Zajmi, 
class of 2013,
Illyria Life Insurance

“I have worked as Sales Person for Illyria Life Insurance. Illyria Life is a branch of Illyria Insurance company which offers health and life insurance services. This Co-op gave me the opportunity to learn more about the insurance process and insurance services in general. My responsibility was to present company’s main services to potential clients, and to show them the importance of obtaining a life or health insurance. I consider this as a remarkable experience because I was able to meet, contact, and work directly with clients, which is what I like the most. It is a great Co-op opportunity for A.U.K. students, and I think that students from every concentration could fit in. Apart from learning about insurance services, students will also learn how to interact with clients. They will sometimes have to work under time pressure in order to achieve the required number of new clients for each month. However, that will benefit them in a longer term as they will realize that helps one gain selling, communicating and presentation skills.”

MACULA, Donita

Donita Macula,
class of 2013,
PR Solutions

“I have worked for PR Solutions, a media and communications company, for the whole year, where I first  finished my Co-op. I started as an intern at the position of the Media Monitoring Assistant, found through Co-op and Career Service office, and then I was offered a full-time job as a Project Coordinator after completing the Co-op. My main duties were related to the organization and implementation of different projects including “Beer Fest,” “Albaniada,” and several conferences in cooperation with the US Department of State and Crimson Capital Fund. Doing my Co-op in this company has given me the chance to become part of the business world and has been an experience that has enriched and improved my skills thoroughly. I would recommend this company to students for their Co-ops because it is an amazing experience, the staff you will work with is very friendly and open, and above everything it will help you to mature professionally.”

JASHANICA, EgzonaEgzona Jashanica,
class of 2014,
INDEP (Institute for Development Policy)

“INDEP is a think tank and an advocacy center that provides independent research-based policy solutions. I finished my Co-op in INDEP for 3 months and the experience and knowledge I gained by working with the amazing and qualified staff for this short time is priceless. During the period I did my Co-op there I had the opportunity to put in practice the theories that I studied in A.U.K. courses. I had the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge in order to find solutions. Being that this was an unfamiliar field to me, I had the opportunity to learn from the best researchers and alongside give my contribution in implementing the problem solutions effectively. INDEP is an institute that has a special focus on strengthening democratic governance and plays the role of public policy watchdog. During the time I worked for INDEP, I had the opportunity to see the work of a researcher and be part of their amazing team in doing research and assist them. I would recommend this Co-op to all the students who’s major or minor is public policy because it would help them understand everything that they have been studying in theory and be able to see it in practice. Theories are better understood when in real life and INDEP is the place where you can face the real issues and be able to help on changing them for better.”

ZHUBI, FlorinaFlorina Zhubi,
class of 2013,

“Basic Education Program is a program financed by USAID and Government of Kosovo that aims to improve the capacity of Kosovo’s schools to provide relevant skills for its students. By working in this program I had the opportunity to experience and gain knowledge in different areas. I was working in the administration and finance office, but never limited to those duties. I had the chance of being involved in many other seminars, competitions, trainings, as well as technology. During my internship in USAID Basic Education Program I recognized that Kosovo’s education system is in its way of transition and there’s so much work and change to be done. Kosovo’s education governance and teacher evaluation need improvement. Thus, through this Co-op I had a chance to be a factor in influencing Kosovo’s education by involving girls in technology, preventing drop-outs of girls and boys from school, as well as involving ethnic minorities equally in school and society. “

Rugova, JonJon Rugova,
class of 2014,
American Councils for International Education

“I completed my Co-op at the American Councils for International Education. ACTR/ACCELS is an international not-for-profit organization working to advance education, research, and mutual understanding across the United States and the nations of Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Southeast Europe. American Councils for International Education in Kosova administers two main programs, Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) which is a master’s program that sends up to 8 students per year to the U.S in the fields of business and economy and Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) which is a high school exchange program that sends up to 7 students per year to the U.S for an academic year.

My involvement with the office has been focused in areas including: planning and logistics, administration and finances as well as fundraising aspects for the programs that the office administers. I found this experience to be enriching as I was constantly in touch with people from backgrounds on academic, business and public sectors as well as organization’s stakeholders such as, the U.S Embassy and USAID – and this gave me a good sense as to how various institutions cooperate. Furthermore, I maintained my daily work through keeping in close contact with our main office in D.C which helped me improve my communication and task planning skills. I would highly recommend this Co-op to other students as for me it proved to be a good place where I practiced the knowledge that I’ve gained from various classes at A.U.K”.

BERISHA, SovranSovran Berisha,
class of 2015,
Elkos Trading Center (ETC)

“I completed my Co-op in Elkos Trading Center (ETC). Initially, their mission is providing a wide assortment of products for their customers with affordable prices, in order to fulfill their needs and expectations. I worked in ETC as a supplier for the household department. Likewise, I was responsible for making orders for the missing products in the respective department, make the emptying from the warehouse, make the positioning of products, make price leveling and sales analysis every Friday and report them to the supervisor. While working there, I was given challenging and meaningful responsibilities, which required an appropriate understanding of my duties and responsibilities. During this time I got the real idea of how the business functions, specifically the retails business, and I realized that being organized and punctual is necessary for success. In addition, working in ETC was a great experience because now I have a better understanding of the concepts and the theories that I have studied in A.U.K, as long as this work experience is well-related to my area of study. Finally, I would recommend this Co-op to other A.U.K. students, because many of them will enter to world of work in a near future, and they will feel better prepared to do so; furthermore, the ETC supervisors are in most cases accessible and available to help their interns learn.”

Fjolla Bajraktari
class of 2015

PILPG/ATRC in Kosovo is an organization whose goals are to assist NGOs and citizens by organizing different campaigns to provide a better life to the citizens of Kosovo. During this period, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing supervisor that has helped me to further develop my concepts of justice in Kosovo. Throughout the Co-op in PILPG/ATRC, I have learned that Kosovo is in a desperate need for young people to strengthen the law upon justice and thus practiced that throughout this Co-op. Specifically, there is a need to assist in the citizen’s rights which include the freedom of choice, women’s rights and to abolish the violence that occurs in family and especially to women. In this Co-op, I had an amazing chance to show my skills and potentials about justice field and fortunately, the Co-op in PILPG/ATRC has given me the chance to further develop my abilities about this area. All the students of A.U.K who are interested upon the justice in Kosovo and would want to assist on providing a better life for the citizens of this country, they should definitely do their Co-op in PILPG/ATRC.

GJOCAJ MargaritaMargarita Gjocaj
class of 2015
Office of the President of Kosova

I have finished my first Co-op in the Office of the President of Kosova. I worked there as an intern and my job position was as an assistant in the organizing process of the International Women’s Summit hosted by the President of Kosova, Madam Atifete Jahjaga. During my Co-op, I have learned how to put in practice the theories that we study in A.U.K I have become aware of the difficulties and details of the organizing process of an event which included invitees from all around the world. In addition to the organizing process, I have participated in the discussion panels during the summit where I learned about the several issues concerning the world nowadays. I would absolutely recommend this Co-op to other students because it is a great opportunity to be part of the Presidency’s staff, even though only for a short time. Moreover, it is a great experience to participate in the organizing process of a significant event such as the International Women’s Summit.

RAFUNA EndrinaEndrina Rafuna
class of 2015
ProCredit Bank

I worked for three months at ProCredit Bank, finishing my co-op. I was placed in the Business Customers Department where they dealt with loans and credit products to all types of businesses. There were three sub-departments there, each of them dealing with different sizes of businesses; very small, small and medium businesses. I mostly worked with small businesses. I learned many things that I think will be useful in my courses at A.U.K and in my future career. I was trained to revise balance sheets and different financial information and assisted my colleagues in making decisions whether to give a business financial assistance or not. I also had the responsibility of doing two presentations on the performance of the department, one of which required me to do field research and work in a team. I would recommend this co-op to all students because it was a great experience and I had the opportunity to work in a professional setting, improve my skills and put into practice the information I’ve learned from A.U.K courses.

STUBLLA BesimBesim Stublla
class of 2014
Meridian Corporation

Through the assistance of the Co-Op office I’ve applied and I was hired initially as a Data Analyst in a newly created retail supermarket chain Meridian Express - a multimillion private investment in Kosovo. Meridian Express, a subsidiary to the Meridian Corporation which has been created with a goal of providing quality products and premium service to the customers in the retail industry. I was the fourth staff member to join the team of highly experienced and professional members, with a task of implementing the project to open 50 retail stores in 7 major cities in Kosova.  Being that this was an unfamiliar industry to me, I had the opportunity to learn from the best and alongside give my contribution towards implementing the project effectively and serve the target market in the best possible way.   One month later, I was promoted to the IT and Database Manager, with a task of providing detailed reports and making sure that the golden rule of the retail industry “Retail is Detail” is fully utilized. Five months later, Meridian Express grew to one of the leading actors in the retail industry, with over 15 supermarkets opened and operational throughout Kosovo. Additionally, the IT and Database department is made exclusively of A.U.K students, who provide an excellent support to an army of over 150 employees.

AMETI EsvedEsved Ameti
class of 2013, 
European Centre for Minority Issues

“I have started working at the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) Kosovo on December 1, 2012, and after finishing the Co-op I am continuing to work as an administrative assistant. I have started working part-time, two days per week, but was then offered a contract to be working at ECMI Kosovo 3 days a week, and, ultimately, I arrived at the point where a full-time position has been offered to me. The activities that I have been tasked with were: communicating with internal and external stakeholders, arranging meetings and booking restaurants and hotels, re-designing and updating the organization's website, providing short and long translations for project-related materials and activities, on-field translations, organizing all the documents within the organization, and many more. From the experience here, I have had the chance to enhance my communication and presentation skills, working in international settings, and working on different (implementing) project activities. ECMI Kosovo is the principal non-governmental organization engaged with minority issues in Kosovo, yet, above all, it is the most suitable organization for entering the world of employment. Friendly staff, good working conditions, and a very high degree of tolerance and respect are what make this organization one of the best in providing the experience needed in climbing up the ladder of one's personal career, and I would recommend every student to apply for any available positions in this organization.”

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