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"Kosovo Energy Policy – current situation and the way forward" - Mr. Valdrin Lluka, Minister of Economic Development

October 24, 2017

Mr. Valdrin Lluka, Minister of Kosovo Ministry of Economic Development gave a presentation on the topic of “Kosovo Energy Policy – current situation and the way forward”, to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students and faculty today. Students had the opportunity to learn first hand about the current development in the Energy Sector and plans of the Kosovo government in addressing the current challenges. DSC

Mr. Lluka was focused on the current situation in the energy sector, implementation of the national strategy on energy and the plans/challenges to meet the requirements for EU accession. In particular, students had the oppurtunity to learn about the government plans to build Kosovo C, based on coal, which is considered a controversial topic, especially from environmentalists.

He also talked about the 10-year energy strategy, which "sets the basic objectives of the Government of Kosovo for the development of the energy sector, taking into account sustainable economic development, environmental protection, sustainable and reliable energy supply for consumers, in order to avoid energy cuts, efficient energy use, the development of new and conventional renewable generation capacities, the creation of a competitive market and the creation of new jobs in the energy system."

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