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Certification Ceremony of PPDL Cohort 4

October 25, 2017


On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, a Certification Ceremony took place to honor the achievement and dedication of 180 civil servants from central and local government.  These outstanding individuals were part of Cohort 4 (Spring Semester 2016/17) of the Public Policy Development and Leadership (PPDL) training.  The PPDL is supported by the USAID Kosovo and implemented by the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K.).

Initially, 367 candidates applied for admittance into the PPDL program.  Only 232 fulfilled the criteria for admittance.  Among the 232 candidates, only 180 candidates successfully completed the training.

The aim of the PPDL program is to assist the people and Government of Kosovo in increasing the public policy development and leadership capacity at both central and municipal levels. This program provides specialized training in professional leadership, public policy analysis, evidence base decision making, and program evaluation and focuses on Diplomacy and Rule of Law, Economic Development, Development of Social, Energy and Environmental Policies, and Development of Policies in Rural, Urban and Regional Development.

Dr. Sharon Y. Hart, the President of RIT Kosovo (A.U.K), congratulated the graduates and acknowledged the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K.) staff for their hard work and dedication for such a successful project.

Ms. Lisa Magno, the Deputy Mission Director of USAID Kosovo, remarked, “Public service provides the essential continuity, the stability in any government.”  She added, “The PPDL course is really an investment, not just in your futures, but in your countries, as well.” 

On behalf of the beneficiaries, Ms. Refike Sülçevsi, Director, Kosovo Institute for Public Administration and Mr. Dejan Jovanović, a representative of the Municipality of Gracanica, addressed the participants.  Ms. Ferdeze Agaj – Mehmeti, an Alumni of the PPDL Cohort 4, shared her experience as a participant.


Ms. Ylberina Mala, Chief of Party/Program Director, presented some general data and achievements of the program.  She also presented Certificates of Appreciation, for the support and contribution, to Mr. Bajram Bujupi, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice; Mr. Engelbert Zefaj, representative of the Municipality of Peja; and Mr. Dejan Jovanović, a representative of the municipality of Graçanica.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Ms. Edona Peci and Mr. Valmir Ismaili, acknowledging their voluntary work as Teaching Assistants.


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