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Students of Energy and Environmental Policy visit Thermal Power Plant Kosova A

Today a group of students and faculty members from RIT Kosovo visited the Thermal Power Plant (TPP) Kosova A and Kosova lignite basin. This visit is a part of the field experience programme of Energy Policy and Environmental Policy courses. During the one-day industrial tour students were accompanied by TPP technicians and engineers. 001

002During the visit, students were briefed of the various sections of the power plant build in 1962, including the generators room, boiler section, cooling section, the temperature management room, and the new equipment installed to reduce carbon emissions. Students also visited the mine Kosova lignite basin (Sibovc South Lignite Mine) and were informed on the current plans for extraction of lignite. Apart from the demonstration, a lecture was also organized for the students on the general working procedure of this important power plant.

Lignite-fired electricity generation is responsible for 97% of the total generating capacity in Kosovo. Therefore, this visit is an important opportunity for the students of Energy and Environmental Policy to gain practical experience of visiting the power plants and obtain knowledge about the practical applications of their classroom-based studies.


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