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Forum with Canadian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Daniel Maksymiuk

Canadian Ambassador 01H.E. Mr. Daniel Maksymiuk, Ambassador of Canada to Croatia

Daniel Maksymiuk (BA Honours, University of Saskatchewan, 1998; MA and MPhil, Columbia University, 1999 and 2002) joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 2002.

In 2004, he served as Canadian representative in Baghdad, Iraq, advancing Canadian interests with Coalition authorities and subsequently with the newly established Iraqi government.

In 2005, he was posted as a political officer to Damascus, returning to Canada in 2008.

He subsequently served with a departmental task force on the security of Canada’s missions abroad and travelled to Afghanistan and Mali on temporary assignments.

He served at the Embassy of Canada in Tehran, with responsibilities for political, security and economic affairs, from 2009 until the mission’s closing in 2012, returning to Canada as deputy director responsible for Iran and Iraq.
Mr. Maksymiuk became senior departmental advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2013 and was appointed Ambassador of Croatia and Kosovo in August of 2015.

Prior to joining the public service, he competed at the international level in flatwater kayaking and pursued graduate studies in history and international relations while working with a concrete contractor in Saskatchewan.

Mr. Maksymiuk is married to Minerva Hernandez Iraheta, and has two daughters, Catalina and Jane.

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