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The American University Preparatory Program at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K), is by definition academic and replicates existing RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) classes to help you excel in your current and future academic endeavors. After successful completion of our program, candidates are awarded a Certificate of Completion for all courses in our curriculum. All of our courses weigh heavily on academic writing, among other competencies, which will enable you to excel when writing the essays as part of the application. The essays, along with your GPA and other relevant academic records, may have a great impact on the selection process. Moreover, your academic writing competence will be of benefit to you if you decide to pursue MA/MS studies in the region or Europe where English is the language of instruction. Even if you decide to continue your studies in Kosovo, the whole program will make you a much better student. The certificate you will get from RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) may have an enormous influence in your professional life. The job market is permanently changing and as we move along there are more and more job vacancies for the well-educated. There is a myriad of examples in Kosovo of youngsters who were awarded excellent job position in private and public enterprises. Our general academic curriculum is structured to develop the whole student. Namely, we have carefully drafted a program that not only prepares students for a study in a US-based higher education institution but we have rather created a program to help students understand how a good educational system functions so that they seek to find one in Kosovo and the region. Most importantly we aim at making our student participants agents and advocates of educational change wherever they decide to pursue their education. Our program consists of well-structured courses which aim to prepare students to take specific admissions examinations but generally weigh a lot on refreshing students’ general education knowledge. The program is continuous and it is foreseen for students to attend whole educational cohorts rather than single classes. Each course is designed based on measurable student outcomes.

Our curriculum consists of the following courses: English Refresher, Math Refresher, TOEFL iBT preparatory course, GRE preparatory course, GMAT Preparatory course, and the Discovery course.

English Refresher

This course intends to bring students’ academic English proficiency closer to the level required for academic study in English and to prepare them for university work at the rigorous standard demanded by an American program of study. This course provides grounding in critical thinking, sentence-level grammar, expository writing, and oral communication and comprehension. It develops reading skills and academic vocabulary, and gives an introduction to such specific academic skills as attribution, citation and basic research methods. After this course students can follow the remainder of the program, where they will consolidate, enhance and refine these skills.

Math Refresher

This course is designed to bring students’ mathematical skills closer to the level required for undergraduate study of Mathematics. The ultimate goal is that students who attend this course refine and refresh their mathematical skills that are mathematical study parts of the GRE and GMAT admission tests. Students attend an arranged weekly schedule to develop manipulative and logical math skills to be able to attend and consume the math portions of the GRE and GMAT.

The Discovery Course

The Discovery course is part of the series of courses of the American University Preparatory Program (AUPP). The course is designed to introduce candidates to the United States higher education system, the American culture, diversity, and the general communication discourse. It tackles the importance of culture in our everyday lives and the ways in which cultures interrelate. It serves as a foundation to increase students’ understanding of intercultural and multicultural communication and ultimately prepare them to deal with diversity as well as function both socially and academically in an increasingly diverse environment. Moreover, it provides students with study skills necessary to succeed in a US based higher education institution. It also introduces students on necessary skills for preparing well-rounded university applications. The course focuses on fundamental research techniques, general academic writing standards, in-text citations and referencing using the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style, how to avoid plagiarism, critical and creative thinking, intercultural communication competence, presentation skills (public speaking), library research, note taking and time management. 

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT)

The TOEFL iBT Preparatory Course is designed to assist students learn strategies, techniques, and tips to help them improve their reading, listening, speaking, and writing scores on the TOEFL iBT test. Throughout the course, candidates are provided with practice tests including the opportunity to practice speaking and write essays. The purpose of this course is to help non-native English speakers practice and learn strategies and skills that will aid them to improve their TOEFL iBT scores. The course covers all four sections of the test such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing, while including authentic practice tests and an online learning center. Classes include individual and collaborative exercises and test simulations.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for most graduate schools in the United States. The exam aims to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills and it is not related to any specific field of study. The GRE is supposed to measure the extent to which undergraduate education has developed an individual's verbal and quantitative skills in abstract thinking. Our GRE course is a comprehensive and helps students build their skills each week and increase their confidence level over the span of the course. The course lasts ten weeks and is classroom-based consisting of 57 hours of instruction time.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

Individuals interested in earning an M.B.A. abroad are required, by a vast majority of business schools, to submit scores from the GMAT exam as a measure of their intellectual ability. This GMAT preparation course is designed to equip participants with knowledge of the best practices for achieving a superior score on the GMAT. It covers how the test works, how it is scored, and strategies for optimal performance. The program's 'practice-oriented' design allows participants to gauge themselves and ultimately use that knowledge to design a study program individually tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. The GMAT test measures general verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills that are developed over a long period of time and are associated with academic success in the core courses of graduate management programs. The GMAT examination does not presuppose any specific knowledge of business or of other specific content areas, nor does it measure achievement in any particular subject area.

Our Team of Professors

Our professors are among the best in Kosovo and the region. We have worked hard to make sure we attract the ones who are educated in the US and elsewhere so that we bring the American and international academic environment in the local classroom. Even those instructors who do not have international experience are required to go through a permanent professional development so that we ensure quality instruction in the classroom. We are a student-centered program and remain committed to the principle of creating and sustaining a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment. We remain bound to the principle of excellence in teaching and learning. We are in constant search of tools and methods to help us improve our teaching approaches to ensure the best possible class and lesson delivery. Our mission is to touch on the lives of our students and leave a permanent positive mark on them while making them life-long learners. Through this academic initiative, we want to promote a global educational change in Kosovo and the region.

We invite you to join us and remain active throughout the program so that together we embark on a successful completion of all cycles of the American University Preparatory Program. Attendance is a fundamental principle for successful completion of the program. We hope that every class that you attend will have a huge academic and personal impact on each of you.

Curriculum Format and Delivery




Start and End Date

Remedial Courses





Math Refresher


4 hours/day

2 sessions/week


March - April 2018



English Refresher


General Study Skills – Discovery




Study Skills / Reading / Academic Writing




4 hours/day

2 sessions/week




May - June 2018


Research Techniques



Critical Thinking



Presentation Skills



Diversity and Cultural Awareness


Examination Courses







4 hours/day
2 sessions/week
June - July 2018
Summer Break




4 hours/day
2 sessions/week
September - October 2018

Total Hours







This Program is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the US. Agency for International Development (USAID)

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