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Earn a degree that opens your doors to the world


RIT Kosovo™ is Kosovo's only institution of higher education awarding American degrees. RIT Kosovo offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

RIT Kosovo strives to simultaneously offer its students an education that would make them contributors in building a democratic and prosperous country but also be competitive throughout the world.

RIT degree that RIT Kosovo students earn is recognized throughout the world. This enables them to expand their careers beyond Kosovo and the Region.

Academic programs offered at RIT Kosovo are carefully tailored to fit first and foremost the needs of Kosovo, while at the same time offering a foundation for further education of students who want to expand their careers.

Our graduates can be found in every walk of life, being that in the private or public sectors. Since our graduates receive an RIT degree, upon graduation you will become a member of Alumni of over 100 thousand members all around the world.



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