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FAQ for Employers

What is Career Education?

The education philosophy of the American University is based on the RIT model of ‘Career Education’. Career Education means that students don’t just gain theoretical knowledge, but engage in hands-on experiential learning in a real world environment.

What is a Co-op?

A ‘Co-op’ is a cooperative education work experience (internship) in a private or governmental organization in Kosovo or abroad. A Co-op is defined as a paid professional experience of 400 hours to be completed within 3 months (full time) or 6 months (part-time). The Co-op needs to be designed as a qualitative learning experience related to the students career interests and should provide the student with new challenges and opportunities. 

Each RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) student must complete one Co-op during the freshmen and sophomore year, and one Co-op during the junior and senior year in order to be eligible for the Bachelors’ Degree. When a student already has full time employment, his/her regular job might be considered as fulfilling the Co-op requirement.


How does my organization benefit from providing Co-op opportunities to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students?

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students are enthusiastic and flexible employees who have already acquired relevant knowledge and skills from their ongoing RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) education

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students have good English language proficiency and strong IT skills

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students are low-cost resources that can be dedicated to work on short-term but time intensive projects

The Co-op term can be used to assess a student’s capacity and skills, and long term employment can be offered to excellent/talented performers.


How do I find the right RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) student for the job?

With the assistance of the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Co-op & Career Services office you can organize a selection and recruitment process from among the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students and alumni, whether for Co-ops or long term employment opportunities. The RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) student body is diverse in its career interests, skills and talents, motivation and academic performance. In the terms of reference for a particular position, you may want to consider specifications in terms of GPA (Grade Point Average) out of a total of 4.0, asking for recommendations from professors, and of course reviewing relevant courses a student has taken and experience listed on the CV. 

The RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Co-op office will send out a job or co-op advertisement to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students and/or alumni on the employer’s behalf and gather CV’s of candidates who meet the criteria. It is at the discretion of the employer to make the final selection from among the candidates based on personal interviews or other recruitment tools. The RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Co-op & Career Services office may handle communication between the employer and the students until the moment a student is recruited. 

The first point of contact for employers prior to starting the process of recruitment from among the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) student body is the Coordinator of Co-op & Career Services office.


When is the best time to advertise Co-op positions in my company/organization?

In principle, a student can start a Co-op any time so positions can be advertised at any moment during the academic year. However, there are moments during the year when students are more likely to be interested in applying to Co-op positions because of the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) academic schedule.

The RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) works on a quarter-based system and each quarter consists of 11 weeks. An average student is required to attend courses roughly from the beginning of September to the end of May for 16 to 20 hours a week and in addition will be assigned personal study and project work.

The students in the first (freshmen) and second (sophomore) year of their studies have courses scheduled during the day from Mondays to Thursdays. Upper level students in the third (junior) and fourth (senior) year have most courses scheduled in the evenings from 17.00 in order to accommodate professional engagements.

Many students will continually be on the look-out for the right Co-op or employment opportunity to come along regardless of duration and schedule. Other students find it more convenient to work full time over the summer and will be searching for a good Co-op opportunity from January onwards right up until the end of May or the beginning of June.


What kind of working schedule can we expect from RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students?

Overall, the ideal quarter to offer full time Co-op positions to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students is during the summer for the duration of minimum 10 weeks between the 1st of June and 31st of August.

However, many alternatives are possible. Students may wish to combine a part-time job of 20 hours a week with their course work for a period of 20 weeks (5 months). Many upper level students (third and fourth) manage to combine demanding full time employment with their studies, given some measure of flexibility on behalf of the employer to enable them to fulfill course requirements.


What kind of stipend or salary should we offer RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Co-op students?

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Co-op students are required to find a paid Co-op opportunity and as a general guideline we recommend an average payment of 1,5 Euro per hour. However, rates may vary and in exceptional cases a student may do a Co-op that is not paid at all.


What type of documentation do we need to provide to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) for selected students?

The direct supervisor listed on the Co-op registration form submitted by the student for approval will be contacted as soon as a Co-op has been approved. Supervisors are required to submit a performance evaluation form about the student’s performance at the end of the Co-op and are encouraged to contact the Co-op & Career Services office for any questions, concerns or general feedback. 


Can we present our organization to students at the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Campus?

The Co-op & Career Services office organizes career events that allow private or public organizations to present their core business and activities and attract interest among RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students. These types of event also allow students to further define their career objectives and establish a network of professional contacts.

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INDEP (Institute for Development Policy)

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