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Campus Transformation

campus_transformation.PNGThe municipality of Prishtina has granted a 50 year free of charge lease to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). As part of a wide-ranging master plan, RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) plans to increase its student centered vibrant physical facilities and implement a series of renovations and revitalization of existing learning environments -  modernizing classrooms and laboratories, improving safety and accessibility, and creating student-centric spaces where collaboration, and research can take place.

Construct and Equip a new Student Center at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) has prepared plans for the construction of a multipurpose student center within RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)’s campus. This new building will include student dormitories, student library, learning commons, a gym and recreational activity area, and an in-house Resident Assistant (RA). This new building will enable more students to live on-campus and will increase the quality of student experience by facilitating access to wonderful recreational and learning areas, including access to a sophisticated collection of books in the student library.

Eco-Friendly Roof retrofitting with Solar Panel Solution at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) has created a concrete plan for switching its main campus building to renewable energy, and has acquired market-based offers in this regard. RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)'s proposed plan to switch to renewable energy sources through solar power, will generate up to 200,153kWh of energy during one calendar year. Through energy savings alone, this investment will pay for itself in less than 6 full years after implementation. In addition, over a 25 year life-cycle, this investment is expected to save RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) over 600,000 EUR in energy costs!


Donors that wish to fully-fund the construction and functionalization of our new multi-purpose building will have full naming rights to the building, its hallways, specific areas, lounges centers.

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