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Supporting Outstanding Talent and Student Experience


At RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) we believe that if students have the determination, intelligence, and drive, their financial circumstances should not prevent them from attending the college of their choice. Our founders understood that a campus should consist of exceptional students regardless of their economic status. In addition, we seek to diversify our campus with more local students from non-majority communities, underrepresented municipalities and with international students. Over 17 years later our ability to attract the top talent from any and all backgrounds is still a key strength of RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). 

Your support will help us bring them here — and keep them here.

It is our belief that learning is an inherent, biological imperative and that people never stop learning wherever they are. As such, learning is not confined exclusively just in class setting, but rather at any space that creates a positive social environment that help learners engage with others and, in so doing, improve their individual and communal abilities. Our programs are purposely design to put the students into experiential learning to make learning relatable to real world. Programs such as co-op, internships, work-and-study abroad, entrepreneurship, student group and clubs increase student engagement as well as promote development of knowledge and skills.

You can help broaden and enrich the opportunities our students have by Supporting Outstanding Talent and Student Experience. You can:

  • Make a donation to to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) General Scholarship Fund
  • You can support a specific established Named Scholarship Fund – for full lists visit
  • Select and Support a student for work-and-study abroad program
  • Support a student club or student project
  • Establish you own Named Scholarship

Endowed undergraduate scholarships are a wonderful way to honor your family or recognize someone special. Endowment gifts may be pledged over a number of years and may be funded through cash gifts as well as planned or deferred gifts.

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