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Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019 3

Graduate Checklist

1)      Application for Graduation: ALL students need to apply for graduation! Need to apply online via your SIS profile by selecting the term you are expected to complete all your graduation requirements (Spring 2185). If you want your name to appear in the Commencement Program Book and on the Commencement website, you must “Apply for Graduation” by March 29, 2019.

2)      Immersion Declaration: ALL students need to declare their immersion, regardless if you plan to graduate with a minor! You need to declare it online via your SIS profile. Make sure to check Academic Requirements (AAR) on SIS to confirm that the declaration went through.

  1. a. All students need to declare an immersion in either Public Policy, Economics , International Relations or English.
  2. b. If you are graduating with a minor, you should declare the same immersion as your minor (i.e. minor in public policy, you declare your immersion in public policy).
  3. c. If you are graduating without a minor, you need to only declare the immersion you have selected.
  4. d. If you have declared your immersion wrongfully, then you should change it immediately online via your SIS profile

3)      Minor Authorization Form: Students planning to graduate with a minor are required to fill in a ‘Minor Authorization Form’. If you are not planning to graduate with a minor, then you need to make sure your academic advisor is informed. Instructions on how to fill in the form can be found in the RIT Kosovo forms. You can also find an example on how to fill it in and the form.

  1. Students graduating in May 2019 (2185) need to bring in the form by March 29, 2019, the latest. Forms brought in later run the risk of negatively affecting your certification (delay of your BS diploma).

4)      Credit Requirements: You need to earn a minimum of 120 credits in order to be eligible for graduation. This does not mean that as soon as you earn 120 credits, you will graduate, as they have to be earned towards your academic program.

5)      GPA: Your overall GPA needs to be 2.0 or above. Your GPA for your concentrations need to be 2.0 or above and your GPA for your minor needs to be 2.0 or above.  

6)      General Education Requirements (see page 53 of the bulletin): You need to complete all of the required courses within general education.

7)      Concentration Requirements (see page 58 of the bulletin): You need to complete the required courses within your selected concentration (i.e. Management students must complete financial and managerial accounting to graduate). You need to earn a minimum of 20 semester credits for each concentration. You need to earn a GPA of 2.0 and above within your concentrations.

8)      Minor Requirements: You need to complete the required courses within your selected minor (i.e. one cannot graduate with a minor in international relations without finishing introduction to international relations). You need to earn a minimum of 15 credits. You need to earn a GPA of 2.0 and above within your minor. If you are graduating without a minor, you will still need to take approximately five additional courses in order to fulfill the credit requirement, two arts and science electives and three courses towards an immersion.  

9)      Co-op Requirements: By the end of your senior year, you need to have successfully completed two co-ops of 400 hours each. Any delay in the submission of the forms or co-ops registered in the summer will result in a delay of your graduation.

10)  Senior Capstone: The course, senior capstone is a mandatory course for the students in their final academic year. Students taking the honors capstone are exempt from taking the senior capstone.

11)  Transfer Requirement: If you are transferring in courses, the official transcripts need to be brought in, minimum six months before your graduation date, if you want to be certified on time. Note that the transcripts need to be sealed in an envelope in order to be accepted.

12)  Incompletes/Change of grades: All grades must be recorded and any outstanding Incomplete (“I”) grades or any change of grades must be resolved before the end of the term. Any delay can result in a postponement of your certification.

13)  Residence Policy: A minimum of 30 credit hours shall be successfully completed in residence at the university in the college granting the degree (inclusive of service courses). If the student has successfully completed 30 credit hours in residence, a petition may be submitted to the dean to study 10 credit hours in absentia in the final year of the degree; at a minimum, 20 of the final 30 credit hours are to be completed in residence.

14)  Graduation/Commencement Ceremony (page 70 of the bulletin): The commencement day will be held in May 15, 2019 (more information will be provided throughout the spring semester). If you are up to three courses behind and have a GPA or 2.00 or higher you may participate in the commencement ceremony.

15)  Diploma Mailing Address: Students who will be living outside of Kosovo and have a permanent address outside of Kosovo by May 2019 are recommended to change their diploma mailing address on their SIS profile to their permanent address. Students who will be living in Kosovo should have the RITK address listed as their mailing address:

RIT K, Gërmia Campus,
Dr. Shpëtim Robaj st. nn 
10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

*Diplomas will not be mailed to other addresses within Kosovo, only the RIT K address.

*Certification process: any delay in the above-mentioned steps will result in the certification being postponed by a semester.
Students are responsible for checking their SIS profile and making sure that all the requirements have been fulfilled.
If any of the above-mentioned are not finalized by March 29, 2019 it may affect the certification process and might result in a postponement of the certification to the upcoming semester.

Parking & Safety 

Due to limited parking availability during the upcoming 2019 Commencement Ceremony, guests are encouraged to use alternative means of transportation. Please contact us ahead of the event if you need to make special parking arrangements.
In case of an emergency, an announcement will be made from the stage. Please leave in a calm and orderly fashion through the exit nearest you. Ushers will be present to escort guests to exits and assist with anything else that may be required during the ceremony.
Lost and found located at the reception desk.

Caps & Gowns

Undergraduates will receive a cap and gown which is to be ordered before May 15th at 5:00pm.
The procedure for ordering a cap and a gown is the following:  

  • Students will bring a €50 deposit to the Business Office upon which they will receive a receipt of order. 
  • Students will take their €50 receipts (as proof of payment) to Room 304 where they will then be issued their cap and gown. 
  • Senior Exit Survey – before picking up your cap and gown it is mandatory to complete senior exit survey.
  • Tickets are available to graduating students at the time of cap and gown distribution in room 304. Each candidate will receive 7 tickets for admission to Commencement 2019 held at the RIT K (A.U.K) Campus at Shpetim Robaj, nn, 10000 Pristina.
  • Student will have the option of returning their cap and gown and receive their money back until May 31, 2019. On returning the cap and gowns to Room 304 they will be provided with a receipt from RIT K’s Academic Affairs Office which they will then take to the Business Office in order to get their €50 reimbursed.

 Dates To Remember 

Gowns pick up:

Monday, May 13th, 09:00 – 13:00 (room 304)
Tuesday, May 14th, 09:00 – 17:00 (room 304) 

Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal:

Monday, May 13th at 13:30 

Graduation Day!

Wednesday, May 15th
Students must be on campus 11:30 for the line-up. The ceremony will begin on 13:00, all graduating students are expected to be lined up before that time. 


Commencement Speaker

vxhVllaznim Xhiha is co-founder of the Foundation “UNE E DU KOSOVEN” based in Prishtina. The major focus of the Foundation is on supporting initiatives and projects to transform education, promote arts and crafts, and sports. Xhiha holds a master’s degree (1976) in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He began his professional career as an assistant and lecturer at the Technical Institute of Technology of Prishtina (1976–1982). From 1981–1985, he was member of the supervising engineers team for the construction of the water treatment plant and water distribution network for the city of Prishtina. In the period 1985-1992 he worked for the Swiss based company Invertomatic SA. In 1993 he has co-founded the Swiss based Company Newave Energy and was its CEO from 1993-2011. Since its successful IPO on the Swiss stock exchange in 2007, Xhiha was member and Chairman of Board of Directors of Newave Energy.

After the acquisition of Newave Energy by ABB, Xhiha returns to Kosovo. In 2011 he establishes EYE (Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs), a Kosovo-based company. In the period 2008-2016 he was co-owner and Chairman of the Board of RUGOVE, in the period 2014-2016 he was member of the Board at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). He founded the first makerspace BONEVET in Gjakova in 2014, followed by BONEVET Prishtina in 2017, BONEVET Tirana in 2018 and BONEVET Kaçanik in 2019.


2019 Graduates List

***summa cum laude: 3.8 - 4.0                      **magna cum laude: 3.6 - 3.79                   *cum laude: 3.4 -3.59

    Walking Expected Completion
2019 Honor Society Graduates   
1 *** Aid Sopjani  
2 *** Anila Abazi  
3 *** Diona Hoxha  
4 *** Donika Sollova  
5 *** Dritero Bajrami  
6 *** Jona Jaha  
7 *** Majlinda Dervishi  
8 *** Rita Ejupi  
9 *** Urtina Zeka  
2019 Graduates   
10 *** Adea Ademi  
11   Adelina Grainca  
12   Adijata Zhdrella  
13 ** Agnesa Uka  
14   Agon Latifaj  
15   Alba Ymerhalili  
16   Albi Humolli  
17   Anda Dobruna  
18 * Andjela Mirkovic  
19   Anisa Pllana  
20   Arbenita Haxholli  
21   Arbër Leti  
22 * Arbëreshë Arifi  
23   Ardi Shukriu  
24   Ardit Deliu  
25   Ardonita Tahiri  
26   Ariana Zeqiri  
27 *** Armin Etemi  
28   Art Randobrava  
29 ** Aulona Sadiku  
30   Bardh Ulaj  
31 ** Besar Gergi  
32 * Bleta Musa  
33   Blinere Murati  
34   Dardan Kajdomqaj  
35   Diara Bajrami  
36   Diellza Salihu  
37   Dijar Vorfaj  
38 * Dijora Peja  
39 * Don Agaj  
40   Don Kelmendi  
41   Drakon Ispahiu  
42   Edina Beqiri  
43   Elsa Kamberi  
44   Elza Hasani  
45   Endrit Hate  
46   Endrit Qarolli  
47   Endrit Smajli  
48   Enis Dibrani  
49   Erdonit Saqipi  
50 *** Eris Visoka  
51   Flatron Halimi  
52   Frymzim Bytyqi  
53   Gerta Gashi Fall 2019
54   Gent Bilalli  
55   Gent Zeqiraj  
56   Gzim Asani Fall 2019
57   Gzim Morina  
58   Grese Berisha  
59   Iliriane Bunjaku  
60   Jeta Berisha  
61   Jon Macula  
62   Klodian Syla Fall 2019
63   Koral Randobrava  
64   Lavdrim Abazi  
65 *** Lea Rodiqi  
66   Liza Kutllovci  
67   Loresa Statovci  
68   Melik Krasniqi  
69   Miriam Talia Nixha  
70   Nart Jaha  
71   Osman Dzudzevic  
72 * Paulina Behluli  
73   Petrit Berisha  
74   Petrit Podvorica  
75   Redon Mustafai  
76   Renea Cana  
77   Rine Osmani  
78   Rrezarta Sokoli  
79   Samed Kadrija  
80   Shpat Pylla  
81   Syle Zenelaj  
82   Valdrin Ismajli  
83   Valere Koci  
84   Vitar Hasani  
85 ** Vesa Zeqiraj  
86 ** Xhorxhina Bami Fall 2019
87   Ylli Abazi  
88   Youssef Merabet  

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