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Faculty Development Center

The mission of the Faculty Development Center of RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) is to build an inclusive and sustainable teaching and learning environment by addressing faculty needs and interests in the areas of teaching effectiveness and professional development.

Our goal is to provide members of the broader campus community with resources to assist them in their work.  The ultimate goal of the center is to provide the faculty body at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) with an ongoing opportunity to develop new teaching approaches for the purpose of meeting our students’ learning needs. The classroom is an ever-changing environment whose dynamics is overly dominated by the student learning culture so, as a center, we will strive to find ways to balance between students’ learning expectations and what we believe is the state of the art learning.

Our activities 

  • Collegial conversations (for more please refer to the report here)
  • Lunch-time “collegial conversations" (for more please refer to the report here)
  • Friday “professional development morning sessions” (for more please refer to the report here)
  • Faculty “on-boarding” (for more please refer to the report here)
  • Faculty recognition and awards (for more please refer to the report here)
  • Profiles of Faculty scholarship (for more please refer to the report here)

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Faculty Development Center was established in October 2015 with the financial support of the U.S Embassy through a University Support Grant (USG). This grant enabled us to get the professional support of the Director of The Faculty Development Center of San Jose State University - California, Dr. Amy Strage (http://www.sjsu.edu/cfd/) for establishing the Center and identifying its intial activities. For more please refer to the report (click here).

The Coordinator of the Faculty Development Center is our Math professor, Mimoza Polloshka, who worked with Dr.Strage and other stakeholders at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) to establish the Faculty Development Center.



Upcoming Events

Faculty professional development sessions - Spring 2020

“The Ant Story” – Professor Driart Elshani

Wednesday, February 5th 2020, 11.30-12.15, room 401

“Resources and Guidelines for Effective Public Speaking”- Professor Linda Ziberi

Wednesday, March 11th 2020, 11.30-12.15, room 401

“Automating Recommendation Letters and Other Simple Tasks”- Professor Alex Butler
Wednesday, March 25th 2020, 11.30-12.15, room 104


  • Spring 2018 (download here)

Contact us

Faculty Development Center
RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)
Phone: + 383 38 66 00 00
email  mpolloshka@auk.org

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