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Honor Projects

Honor Projects 2019:

  • Anila Abazi: The Feasibility of Conducting Epidemiological Studies in Kosovo (Download here)
  • Dritëro Bajrami: Attracting Investment from Kosovar Diaspora (Download here)
  • Eris Çunaku: Human Resource Technology and the Changing Role of Human Resource Professionals (Download here)
  • Majlinda Dervishi: Being a Social Enterprise: Value-added or Fuel to the Misconceptions? The Case of Social Enterprises in Kosovo (Download here)
  • Rita Ejupi: Security Vetting System in Kosovo: Challenges and Opportunities (Download here)
  • Diona Hoxha: Gender Bias in Managerial Positions in the Private Sector in Kosovo (Download here)
  • Jona Jaha: Universal Healthcare Coverage and the Future of Healthcare in Kosovo (Download here)
  • Donika Sollova: Organizational Socialization Process and its Impact on New Employees’ Job Satisfaction, Commitment, and Retention Intentions: Experiences from the Banking Sector in Kosovo (Download here)
  • Xheneta Sopjani: Challenges and Opportunities for Startup Innovation and Entrepreneurship as tools towards a knowledge-based economy: The Case of Kosovo (Download here)
  • Urtina Zeka: The Impact of Visa Liberalization on Kosovo’s Migration Patterns (Download here)

Honor Projects 2018:

  • Vjolla Gashi: An Analysis of the State Matura Exam in Kosovo (download here)
  • Yllza Hoti: Outsourcing in Kosovo: An analysis of Kosovo’s comparative advantage and the potential for growth (download here)
  • Arbër Maxhuni: Budgeting Process of Kosovo: A critical assessment (download here)
  • Fjolla Qorri: The Psychology behind Voting Behavior in Kosovo (download here)
  • Kaltrina Zeka: Hotel Industry Development in Kosovo (download here)


Honor Projects 2017:

  • Hana Bacaj: The Role of Women in the Economy of Kosovo (download here)
  • Drenusha Berisha: Public Sector Wages: The Implications for the Private Sector (download here)
  • Robert Ejupi: The use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool in Kosovo: current trends and opportunities (download here)
  • Jehona Karavidaj: Social Assistance Scheme in Kosovo: Its impact on poverty reduction (download here)
  • Fjoralba Krapi: Corporate Blogging: Awareness and Effectiveness of Corporate Blogging in Businesses in Kosovo (download here)
  • Art Raifi: Barriers to Small and Medium Enterprises in Kosovo (download here)


Honor Projects 2016: 

  • Begatim Berisha: Alleviating Traffic Congestion in Prishtina (download here)
  • Milot Burani: The Role of Economic Zones and their Potential to Attract Diaspora Investment in Kosovo (download here)
  • Iliriana Halili: Getting Kosovo Back to Work -Assessing Youth Employability in Kosovo (download here)
  • Nida Krasniqi: Provisions of Maternity Leave in Kosovo: Impact on Private Sector and Employment (download here)
  • Daors Sahatçiu: The Impact of Scholarships on Student Careers: The Case of IPKO Foundation Next Generation Scholarship (download here)


Honor Projects 2015:

  • Bleta Polloshka - Fostering Economic Growth - The Establishment of the Free Economic Zone in Gjakova (download here)
  • Dina Vllasaliu - Factors Affecting the Regular Monthly Payment of Electricity Bills in Hajvali (download here)
  • Edison Jakurti - The Neoliberal Privatization in Kosove - A Deconstructed Myth (download here)
  • Endrine Rafuna - The Law on the Protection of Personal Data – A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (download here)
  • Fjolla Kacaniku - Gender and Selection of Undergraduate Programs (download here)
  • Genta Agaj - Matura Exams in Kosovo an Analysis on 2014 Test Results (download here)
  • Gresa Statovci - Adding Internet Safety and Financial Education for Children (download here)
  • Jete Aliu - Access to Antenatal Health Services Among Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian (RAE) Women in Kosovo (download here)
  • Kushtrim Spahiu - Protection of the Domestic Food and Bevarage Industry (download here)
  • Linda Shuku - Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste in Prishtina (download here)
  • Lule Bahtiri - Issue of Non-Addressed Recommendations from the Auditor General in Kosovo (download here)
  • Lumbardh Zagragja - Fighting Informal Economy (download here)
  • Margarita Gjocaj - Kosovos Forensic Psychiatric Institution (download here)
  • Nderim Gerguri - Implementing a Patient Information System in Public Hospitals in Kosovo (download here)


Honor Projects 2014:

  • Herolinda Zenuni - Taxpayer's Right in Kosovo (download here)
  • Arif Hoti - The Export Potential of Kosovo's Natural Resources and their Impact on the Kosovo Economy (download here)
  • Lorez Qehaja - Feasibility  Studies on Future Exchange of Agricultural Commodities in Kosovo (download here)


Honor Projects 2013:

  • Rineta Hoxha - Inconsistencies in the tax legislation in Kosovo  (download here)
  • Teuta Avdimetaj - Establishing a women's and gender studies program at A.U.K (download here)
  • Nita Shala - Tax competition for FDI in Western Balkans  (download here)
  • Blerina Halili - The Role of municipalities in developing Kosovo mountain villages  (download here)
  • Fitore Hyseni - Usage of demographical population trends and statistics in public policy in Kosovo  (download here)




Honor Projects

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