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Artan LimaniArtan Limani, PhD - Head Instructor
Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance

The Pre-College Preparatory Program (PCPP) was designed to increase college access among Kosovar students coming from all cities in the country. The program aims to build on students’ academic skills in English and Math and increase their confidence to pursue challenging programs of study. In the English class, students systematically and progressively develop their academic, language, and critical thinking skills through learning from authentic materials which include divergent viewpoints in order to simulate the complexity of the real-world students find outside of the classroom. Similarly, our Math class is designed to build on students’ critical thinking in Math. Our goal is to allow students to learn how to solve Math problems, but most importantly, allow them to explain the logic behind the process they used to provide a solution.

The whole program aims to teach skills for life in addition to academic skills. We aim to touch on students’ lives through the curriculum we offer and leave a lasting academic impact on them. We invite all high school student to join us in the program and make use of this great academic opportunity delivered in a vibrant environment. We have developed a comprehensive matrix of professional growth for our instructors and constantly develop our curriculum to deliver applicable, enriching, and challenging classes in a fun and friendly setting.

Below, please enjoy reading about the rich portfolios of our instructors who work tirelessly and commit to student success through every class they deliver.

DSC 2558retouchsmallBlerta Shehu, English Instructor, Gjilan

Blerta Shehu holds a BA and MA in English Language Teaching. She has been teaching English for 10 years and currently works at a local high school in Gjilan. She is a leading teacher and head teacher trainer at “21st Century Schools,” a British Council regional initiative to support schools to meet student learning needs. Ms. Shehu has also been an active participant in the KETNET’s English teachers’ professional development program. She has attended numerous trainings such as “Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web” (University of Oregon, USA), “Assessing the Oral and Aural Skills” (Intensive English Orientation Program at Iowa State University -USA), “Teaching English to Children with Special Educational Needs” (British Council), “Tell Your Story in English” (University of Oregon, USA). Ms. Shehu joined RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) in September 2014 as an English language instructor for the American University Preparatory Program (AUPP). She sees the Pre-College Preparatory Program as an enriching opportunity for high school seniors wishing to pursue studies at an American university. Ms. Shehu remains committed to the success of the program through motivating young students to follow their dreams.

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Liridon Latifi, English Instructor, Ferizaj

Liridon graduated from RIT Kosovo with the first class of students back in 2007. With well over a decade of experience in the areas of political, business, education and economic development, Liridon’s work experience includes work for a number of local and international organizations in Kosovo: World Bank (BETA Project) and USAID adviser to finance and trade ministries in Kosovo, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (TAM/BAS project), Office of the Prime Minister, International Crisis Group (ICG), American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Liridon joined RIT Kosovo in January 2015 as an instructor for the American University Preparatory Program (AUPP). He currently serves as a trainer for a non-profit organization that focuses on non-formal education and has trained more than 1,000 young people on diverse topics such as democracy and online safety. Liridon is educated at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in the United Kingdom, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Kosovo, University of Prishtina, and Columbia High School in the United States. 

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Marigona Morina, English Instructor, Mitrovice

“Marigona Morina finished her master studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of Arkansas in May 2016, as a recipient of TLP scholarship funded by USAID. She has also finished a couple of courses on English Language Teaching offered online by the University of Oregon and Arizona State University.

Marigona has been affiliated with our institution since October 2016, when she joined us as an instructor for the American University Preparatory Program (AUPP). She began teaching Pre-College English in February 2017 and is certain that the program enables senior students to develop the study skills that are crucial for their academic journey. In addition, Marigona works as an ESL and Social Sciences Teacher at Prishtina High School and as a TOEFL iBT instructor at Smart Center. She is passionate about unleashing and embracing the potential of Kosovar high school students and further motivating them to invest their potential in quality education. ” 

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Zana Xerxa, English Instructor, Gjakove

Zana Xërxa holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Professional Translation and Interpretation. She has 15 years of experience in teaching English to high school students as well as a recent experience in teaching Introduction to English Literature and Linguistics and Translation/Interpretation at a college level in Kosovo. She has attended and completed several TEFL trainings focusing on new teaching methodologies and is a certified TOEFL and SAT English instructor. Ms. Xërxa is passionate about teaching English to high school and future students who want to pursue their dreams in various academic settings.

Ms. Xërxa joined RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) in January 2015 through the American University Preparatory Program (AUPP) Immersion Courses as an instructor for Remedial English and TOEFL in the city of Gjakova and from 2017 onwards with senior Gjakova high school students teaching English for Academic Purposes through the Pre-College Preparatory Program (PCPP). The latter program has given her a chance to instruct some brilliant prospective college students who are eager to improve their academic writing skills, their critical thinking, as well as improve their overall communication abilities in English.

DSC 2554retouchsmallChester, English Instructor, Podujeve

Chester Eng organizes youth development projects and teaches English language in Podujeva. He began teaching Pre-College English in February 2018 and believes that Pre-College Preparatory Program helps Kosovar 12th-grade students develop skills, knowledge, attitudes, and practices that are necessary for success and fulfillment in contemporary higher education. Mr. Eng strives to help young people in Europe's youngest country to gain access to more high-quality educational opportunities and be ready to pursue rewarding careers and lead meaningful lives. He is committed to the program's success because he believes that greater investment in the education of Kosovar youth is key to the creation of a more prosperous, progressive, and peaceful country.

Prior to moving to Kosovo, Mr. Eng worked as a tour guide and researcher in Washington, D.C. and taught English at a public high school in Düsseldorf, Germany on a Fulbright fellowship. In his free time, he enjoys reading, following baseball and (American) football, cooking, traveling, watching films and late-night talk shows, practicing photography, sampling restaurants, and visiting cafes. Mr. Eng speaks German, Albanian, and Mandarin Chinese. He grew up in New Jersey and earned his bachelor's degree in English literature and German studies at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

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Ereza Vejsa, Math Instructor, Gjakove

Erëza Vejsa Muhaxhiri holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the State University of Tetova, Tetovo, Macedonia and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Computer Information Technology from Brigham Young University – Idaho, U.S.A. As a senior, she attended Muscatine High School, Iowa. Her very first exposure to teaching math was in college, as a math tutor. Ms. Vejsa Muhaxhiri has worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Prizren as well as the University of Gajkova. She has been teaching math at the “Hajdar Dushi” municipal high school in Gjakova for a number of years now. Ms. Vejsa Muhaxhiri has attended numerous teacher trainings. She served as a Math and GRE instructor for the American University Preparatory Program, a 5-year USAID sponsored initiative, a component of which was delivered by RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) in all cities across Kosovo.

Erëza developed her love for teaching at an early age as both her parents were teachers. During her high school years, she volunteered for Shropshire Music Foundation, where she taught music. While in college, she was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity to rebuilt New Orleans. She is a mother of 2 boys, Ledio and Nil. She loves to cook, read, dance and travel.

DSC 2560retouchsmallEgzon Sadiku, English Instructor, Peje

Egzon Sadiku holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a double major in Studio Arts & Philosophy from Macalester College in Minnesota, USA. He attended United World College Adriatic in Trieste, Italy where he finished the last two years of high school. The fellowship at Bartos Institute for Constructive Engagement of Conflict in New Mexico has been an eye-opening experience that has ignited his passion for teaching. He started by teaching TOEFL and SAT preparation courses in order to help Kosovar youth to study at colleges and universities they dream of. He believes that the PCPP offers an opportunity for young people of Kosovo to learn the necessary skills required not only in an academic setting but also in the ever-changing entrepreneurial world. This is his second year teaching the English course in Peja and he hopes it will be a beneficial experience for both students and instructors.

When he is not teaching or working, Egzon enjoys taking pictures and playing music. While in college, he founded and led a Brazilian percussion band and joined the school choir. He is looking forward to hearing more about the passions of young people from Peja and, hopefully, change their perception of what classroom learning and teaching can look like.

Blinere Leci

Blinera Leci, Math Instructor, Ferizaj

Blinera Leci holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a double major in Economics/Statistics & Management from RIT Kosovo. As she has always been a numbers person thriving in finance and accounting, Ms.Leci became passionate in pursuing a career in that domain. For almost four years, Ms. Leci has been working for CARE International Kosovo, an international non-profit organization. To diversify her portfolio and upgrade her skills, she has moved to the program unit where she currently serves as a Communications, Monitoring & Evaluation specialist for the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) financed project which focuses on rural development to lead to sustainable employment and income generation. The project also supports initiatives designed by women and socio-economically vulnerable groups.

Ms.Leci was an active member of many clubs during her time at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) and volunteered in many causes that raised their voice for social issues and vulnerable groups. This has inspired her to help other young people develop a sense of social responsibility and also acquire as much knowledge as possible and transfer it to others. For this reason, Ms.Leci joined the RIT Kosovo Pre-College Preparatory Program (PCPP) to help educate, guide and share experiences with youngsters willing to learn in an American education system. Ms. Leci believes that youngsters need more guidance than sole teaching of particular subjects and she is confident that she can provide the mentorship that students need and deserve to move further in life.

Alketa BucajAlketa Bucaj, Math Instructor, Prishtine

Alketa Bucaj began teaching Pre-College Math in February 2018 after returning to Kosovo from her Master studies in London, UK. She is very enthusiastic for being part of the Pre-College Preparatory Program and thinks that the program will help Kosovar 12th-grade students in their future endeavors. She believes that this program does not only provide students with the opportunity to meet new people but it also exposes them to a different system of learning and a more diverse environment.

Ms. Bucaj is involved in several institutions as an English and Math instructor and helps high school students with their higher education decisions. She is committed to provide students with a great experience and life-long lessons.


Lorez Qehaja Lorëz Qehaja, Math Instructor, Gjilan

Lorëz Qehaja is an RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) alumna who also worked as a Math Instructor at the Academic and Support Center from 2012 until 2014. She returned home through the Pre-College Preparatory Program in February 2018 as Math Instructor in Gjilan.

Ms. Qehaja holds an MA Degree from Vanderbilt University in Economic Development. She is focused on improving education and employability of youngsters in Kosovo. Recently, she mentored a group of talented and highly-motivated youngsters through the UPSHIFT program to develop their start-up idea and create sustainable solutions for the community. Ms. Qehaja strives to empower the young people in Kosovo to learn new, market-driven skills, which is also the reason she joined our Preparatory Program.

Ms. Qehaja currently works as Research Analyst at UBO Consulting. She has also been engaged in developing the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the MPMS Strategy 2018-2022. During her master studies, she worked as a volunteer with the Project Pyramid Organization, a student-led organization that strives to address poverty in developing countries through market-based solutions. Ms. Qehaja loves watching TV-shows and reading mystery books. She is an utter believer in hard work, especially among youngsters.

Yllza Hoti Web SmallYllza Hoti, Math Instructor, Prishtinë

Yllza Hoti is an RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) alumni, holding a BSc degree in Management and Economics. Yllza joined the PCPP team in February 2018 as a Math Instructor, during which time she also began working at the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Admissions Office as the Student Recruitment Coordinator.

While completing her undergraduate studies, Yllza has been continuously involved with volunteer work through the university’s Charity Club. Among these activities, Ms. Hoti has volunteered as a Math Teacher for the Math & English Courses held for the kids of SOS Village. Additionally, she has served as a Math Tutor at the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Academic Support Center for three academic years.

Yllza enjoys teaching and mentoring high school students as they prepare to take their next step into pursuing higher education. She believes that the Pre-College Preparatory Program is one of the best ways through which 12th grade students can prepare to attend university, while also meeting new people and having fun.

Ilire Gashi Web SmallIlire Gashi, Mathematics Instructor, Pejë

Ilire Gashi is an RIT Kosovo Alumna who graduated in May 2016. Upon completing her studies, she started working for the Admissions Office of RIT Kosovo. She enjoys helping high school seniors through this decisive part of their lives. Ilire has been coordinating PCPP for three years now, and now she feels ready to contribute further as a Math Instructor.

As a result of her dedicated involvement in the extracurricular activities, she became a more community centered person. During her studies at RIT Kosovo, she was elected as part of the Economists’ Club steering committee which got her involved in many areas of interest. Furthermore, as part of the Charity Club, she coordinated the English and Math courses as well as tutored Math for children from SOS Village for a two-year period, which resulted in a great sense of volunteerism embraced by RIT Kosovo students. Everyone experienced an immense pleasure by helping talented children in difficult financial situation. Additionally, she coordinated the Down Syndrome Awareness event where she invited children with Down syndrome to spend a day at RIT Kosovo. Part of her recent volunteer work is the coordination of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Kosovo. Participating in activities such as the ones aforementioned, made her realize that she can contribute in different aspects for the community of Kosovo.

Jehona Karavidaj Web SmallJehona Karavidaj, Mathematics Instructor, Prizren

Jehona Karavidaj is a graduate from RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). She began her working experience during her second year of studies at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). Her work experience has mainly focused on Sales, Customer Care and Marketing. Being passionate about new technological innovations and digitalization, she embraced the opportunity to work on Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Currently, she works as a Marketing, Web, and Social Media Coordinator at the Training and Development Institute (TDI) within RIT Kosovo (A.U.K). She joined the Pre-College Preparatory Program in February 2019. Previously, she has served as a Math tutor during her studies through the Charity Club- SOS Project. The club provided free math classes for the community of ‘SOS Children.’ She loves working with numbers and conduct analytics therefore she wants to pursue her master studies in Data Science and Business Analytics. She believes PCPP is a great opportunity for students to be prepared for their university studies. 

Donika Sollova Web SmallDonika Sollova, Math Instructor, Podujeve

Donika Sollova is a senior student at RITK. Her concentrations are Management & Entrepreneurship and Economics & Statistics. She is enthusiastic and eager to start teaching Pre-College Math because she believes that this program will help high-school students to better meet academic requirements for entry into colleges.

Donika has also been involved in Charity Club activities at RITK. She taught math to S.O.S Village children for two years. She is committed to create an attractive learning environment for all high school students who want to pursue a college degree.

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