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MyCourse User Guide

The following instructions are specifically designed to help you be able to fully complete your coursework while on remote. Please follow the instructions below in order to fully complete your courses. 


Your instructor may use RIT’s online learning management system, myCourses, to create an online “classroom.” As a student in face-to-face classes, you may not have interacted much with myCourses.

Here are three helpful tips for using myCourses as your online classroom. 


  • Check myCourses regularly. Try to log into myCourses and check all of your classes at least once a day. Check to see if there is new course material or if there is an upcoming due date. Your instructor might be using a new tool to provide content. If you have questions, contact your instructor.
  • Manage myCourses notifications. You can be notified by myCourses when new content is posted, when a grade is released, and so on. You can receive these notifications by text message or email. 


  • Be aware: RIT due date times are set for Eastern Time. myCourses due times for Quizzes and Assignment folders are displayed as Eastern Time by default. If you add due dates and times to your personal calendar, make note of time zone differences. If you would like myCourses to display the due dates and times in your local time zone, follow these steps: 
    • In myCourses, click on your name, then choose Account Settings. 
    • Scroll down to select your time zone. 
    • Once you select your time zone, the due date times displayed in myCourses for Quizzes, Assignments and other items will not match due date times in printed materials such as the syllabus or announcements the instructor might post. You’ll need to remember that you have selected your home time zone as the default.


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