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Temporary Policy on Pass/Fail Grading Option and Scholarships

Rochester Institute of Technology has adopted an amended grading option that students can elect to take advantage of for courses enrolled in for Spring 2019-2020 (2195) term. At the conclusion of the Spring 2019-2020 (2195) term, all instructors will assign grades for classes as normal. Once grades have been assigned, students will have the option to elect to change any or all of their enrolled classes to be graded on a Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass basis. 
For enrolled courses in the Spring 2019-2020 (2195) term, there is no limit to the number of courses/credits allowed to be taken using the Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass grading option. Students are permitted to have a combination of traditionally graded coursework and Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass coursework. Courses graded with the Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass option will not impact the term or cumulative GPA.
The Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass grading option will not be used to evaluate your qualification for the scholarship since actual GPA is needed for the calculations. Actual grades will be requested from your instructors in order for your terms GPA to be calculated for the scholarship. Each scholarship application needs to follow the local campus policies​ and/or meet the donor requirements. The scholarships from the main campus will not be affected. The evaluations for the scholarship will then be similar to previous semesters. ​

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